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Do you also use WhatsApp applications? And if you do, you will definitely know all the features of this app. As you all know WhatsApp is the best source from which you can talk to your loved ones. No matter how far they are from you. But people use YO Whatsapp APK or GB Whatsapp APK more than simple WhatsApp.
Actually, WhatsApp is an excellent source of communication which is quite friendly for its users. This is the reason why people love WhatsApp applications even today. Everyone likes to run this app. This is the reason why more than a million people have downloaded this app on Google Play Store. WhatsApp has been updated a lot since 2009 which is commendable. A lot of features have been added so that users can use them easily.
Apart from this WhatsApp, there are many other applications in which you can talk to your loved ones. So we are going to tell you the absolute of this application which is quite useful compared to simple WhatsApp and also popular among people.

YO WhatsApp APK


YO WhatsApp APK

Do you know YO WhatsApp? If yes then surely you will use the same WhatsApp. And if this is not the case, believe me, you have not yet been able to use an app like WhatsApp. So there is no need to panic, we have brought a WhatsApp for our users which you will be able to use and enjoy a lot.
Actually, yo WhatsApp is an updated version of simple WhatsApp which has all the features and features which are not included in the simple version of WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp is not available on the google play store if you want to download then download it from our website Flashmodapk and use all the features for free.
Apart from this, there are many features in this application that are not in any other WhatsApp. If you want to know all the features of this application, they are described below in detail.

Yo WhatsApp APK Features

Here are the most amazing features of Yo WhatsApp APK.

Freez Last Seen

Do you know the freeze-last-scene function? If you don’t know then we are going to tell you the absolutely amazing truth about this feature. Actually, this function stops the usage time of your WhatsApp app. This means you can prevent any user from showing your last online status. This is a very interesting feature. If you want to hide your online status on WhatsApp, then download Yo Whatsapp now and enjoy this amazing feature.

Anti-View Once

This function is much more interesting and amazing than the previous one. You can send a media file to any user and set a limit so that he can only view the file once, and after that, the file cannot be opened. This feature is only available to yo Whatsapp which you can only get. Download the APK version of this application now and get amazing features and functions.

Hide View Status

Do you know this amazing feature? Surely your absolutely must have heard it. This amazing feature inside the Yo WhatsApp APK application allows you to see the status of your friends or other people secretly. You can see anyone’s status by activating this function. This feature has made the WhatsApp application even more delicious. This is the reason why millions and millions of people use and love this application. If you have not yet downloaded this wonderful feature-rich application, then without further delay, download the unlimited and anti-ban version from our website Flashmodapk and enjoy using the app.

Anti-Delete Messages

While using WhatsApp, many people are worried about how they can see other people’s deleted messages. So we have come up with a solution to this problem for all our users. If you want to see the deleted messages of any person, then download Yo WhatsApp and see all the messages of your users. This is a very interesting feature that is demanded by every user. Everyone wants to know everything. This is the reason why this application is very popular among all people.

Show Blue Ticks After the Reply

Show Blue Ticks After Reply is appearing as the name itself. This feature within Yo WhatsApp is giving you another wonderful feature in which you can see the message of any person while he remains unaware of it. Now you can view and ignore any message at will.

Anti Delete Status

Anti Delete Status is also a wonderful feature that allows its users to see all the statuses of their friends for 24 hours, even if the statuses have been deleted. Similarly, you see the status of any person and he remains unaware of it. If you still don’t understand this application then believe me you should understand and use this amazing feature of WhatsApp.

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