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Silent Castle is a puzzle game developed by No Signal Productions. In this game, the player has to reveal a lot of secrets and in this way the player completes the stages of the game. In this game, the player stays in a palace that is unknown to the player. The task of the player is to uncover and know all the secrets in this palace.

In the game, the player is given tasks, and after completing them, he is sent to the next level. At the start of the game, you can find many things in front of you, in which there is a puzzle to complete the first level, you have to solve the puzzle to advance the game.
In the Silent Castle mod APK game, you have to face a lot of strange things, and as you progress in the game, your difficulties continue to increase. By reaching the depths of the palace, your worry and wonder will increase even more, which can make you quite nervous.

Silent Castle Mod APK

The most challenging part of this game comes when you want to trust one of the 2 people but you don’t know who is helping you or who is cheating. On this aspect of the silent castle game, you need a silent castle mod APK game where you get an easy take decision and you complete the level easily. It is a game in that players choose to engage themselves and have a good time. Now you will know more features of this game from the below section.



There are lots of features that are included in this game.


In the Silent Castle APK game, you are given 17 different items which you can use to stop the Reaper. You can upgrade your cannons and ammunition to defend your fortress, which will surely prevent the Soul Reaper from entering your fortress. You can increase the attacking power with the help of coins and gems. Using all the items available in this game, you have to uncover the hidden secrets while avoiding the Soul Reaper. Only after that, you will be able to complete the level.

Attacking power

The turret in this game is a single tower that you use to attack your enemy. There are more weapons to attack in the game but to unlock these weapons you have to reach advanced levels and collect coins. In the silent castle game, you are given a weapon after crossing each level with which you can kill the soul reaper and win the game.


Silent Castle Mod APK is a version of the game that gives you all the features unlimited and unlocked which you can use to win the game. As you know, the silent castle game is a difficult and scary game that many players leave in the middle, the main reason is the lack of coins and weapons in the game. But if you are to download the silent castle mod APK game then surely you will be given all these resources. With them, you will be able to cross any level easily and also get rid of the soul reaper. This is the reason why many players prefer to play the Silent Castle Mod APK version instead of the simple version. So we tell you the absolute of all other mode features of this game.


Unlimited Coins

The biggest advantage of the silent castle mod APK game is that you are given unlimited coins and weapons which you can use as per your wish. Collecting coins and gems in any game is a very difficult task but in mod version you can get unlimited coins. This is the reason why so many players like to play games in the mod version. Apart from this, by using unlimited coins, you can also defeat Soul Reaper and uncover hidden secrets.

Silent Castle Mod APK

Unlimited attacks

In the silent castle game, you are allowed to attack but in the mod APK version of the same game, you can do unlimited attacks to overwhelm your enemy and get the victory. Not only this, you can also increase the attack tower by which you can improve your defense system. During the shelling in the mod apk game, you do not have to worry about running out of ammo, you are given infinite ammo that you can use as your defense. can use.

Silent Castle Mod APK

Unlimited Fun

As you know games are more fun to play in the mod APK version than in the simple version. This is the reason why so many players even today want to play the mod version of every game. So we are bringing you the Silent Castle game in which you can get unlimited coins and gems along with an unlimited phone. The special thing about this game is that it does not let the player get bored. Like every game, in this game you have to proceed with enough planning, only then you will be able to complete the level in the game.

kill the ghost

In the Silent Castle game, you get a turret as the only attacking weapon which is given to you from the first stage of the game. After that, you have to unlock the rest of the attack machine with your skills. The most important part of the game is to avoid ghosts and find the secrets hidden in the game, which is a very difficult and challenging task. The main reason for this is the lack of weapons in abundance. But if you download the silent castle mod APK game then surely you will be able to kill intruders. You get all the weapons unlocked in the mod version with which you can fight any ghost.

Silent Castle Mod APK

Choose your character

The Silent Castle game allows you to select your own character. You can play the role of a ghost or play the role of the player who has to find the secrets hidden inside the castle. You can enjoy the game from both sides. Each character in the game has a different style and a different power. At the end of the game, each player can change and improve his style by collecting coins. In the Silent Castle APK, you can change the clothes of your character and change his power.

Silent Castle Mod APK

Trained your character

After selecting the player in the Silent Castle Mod APK game you teach your character to fight. This way you can fight your enemies during the fight. If you want to get unlimited coins and gems then download the silent castle mod game from our website now and get unlimited features. After that, you can give unlimited power to your player and defeat any ghost with ease. All these features will be given to you completely free in the game which you can use in your own way.

Multiplayer game mode

Silent Castle game is also available in multiplayer mode. You can also play together with your friends. Share the game with your friends and play matches with each other. This is the reason why players love this game so much. You can challenge your friend in the game and match with him. In addition, if you get stuck on a level, you can take the help of your friend and thus you can cross the level together. This is the most interesting function of the game which is no less than a lifeline for the player. Don’t delay and download the Silent Castle Mod game and play together with your friends



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